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The Supreme Court decision allows states to choose whether or not to expand health care coverage through Medicaid. If all states approve expansion, more than 15 million uninsured adults will become newly eligible for health insurance.
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Janice was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on July 6, 2009. At the time of her stage 4 diagnosis and immediate follow-up surgery, Janice worked for the state government and had Blue Cross Blue Shield in...
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Find out how expanding health care coverage through Medicaid boosts the state’s economy and creates jobs
In The News Fri, Sep, 30 Some States Complain Medicaid Rule To Assess Enrollees’ Access To Care Is Too Burdensome States with at least 90 percent of beneficiaries in managed care, like Florida, say there's no point in spending the time to conduct the assessment of its Medicaid population. “We have a tiny fee-for-service population,” said Justin Senior, deputy secretary of the Division of Medicaid in Florida... Source: kaiser health news Wed, Sep, 28 Idaho Legislative Panel To Hear Public Comments Today On Medicaid Expansion The day-long session will explore whether the state should expand Medicaid to cover the estimated 78,000 residents who don't qualify for Medicaid or for subsidies to help buy insurance on the health marketplace. Also, Alaska officials and Xerox have settled a dispute over the complaints that the com... Source: kaiser health news Tue, Sep, 27 Medicaid Expansion Advocates Look To The Election To Press Their Cause Some people hoping to see more states expand their Medicaid programs under the health law think the opposition may be lighter after this campaign. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Sep, 27 Medicaid Managed Care Official Sees Growing Role For Plans On Health Law Marketplaces Jeff Myers tells The Hill, "It seems to me that the exchange products that work best are ones that, rather than just open up a giant network and provide lots of services, really look at, are there services that we can open up and drive that will improve health outcomes and reduce cost?” News outl... Source: kaiser health news Mon, Sep, 26 Texas Supreme Court Allows Medicaid To Cut Therapists Pay For Disabled Children The legislature approved $350 million in cuts last year, but therapists had sued the state, warning the changes in pay would drive many professionals from treating the children. The court declined to hear the case. News outlets also report on Medicaid cuts in Florida and an analysis of managed care ... Source: kaiser health news Fri, Sep, 23 Colorado Sued For Restricting Medicaid Access To Hepatitis C Drugs The state's Medicaid program allows coverage for the medications to enrollees only with the most advanced stages of liver disease. News outlets also report on Medicaid developments in Alabama and Arkansas. Source: kaiser health news Thu, Sep, 22 Lawyers For Planned Parenthood Challenge Miss., Arkansas Laws In 2 Federal Courts Both states ban Medicaid funding of any group that also provides abortions, but the cases are being argued in the shadow of a recent decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold an injunction against a similar Louisiana law. Source: kaiser health news Thu, Sep, 22 Audit Finds Kansas Spent $2.3M Trying To Clear Medicaid Application Backlog The state audit found that nearly 35,000 applications were still pending last month. But legislative auditors tell lawmakers that they can't verify the numbers in the state audit because they are generated by a private contractor and have been wrong before. Source: kaiser health news Wed, Sep, 21 Ark. Officials Report That Backlog Of Medicaid Application Reviews Will Be Clear By January The officials reported to state lawmakers that nearly 88,000 applications for Medicaid eligibility were still pending on Sept. 6. The state has hired extra caseworkers and computer experts to help eliminate the backlog. Also in Arkansas, a legislative panel approved cutting some Medicaid benefits fo... Source: kaiser health news Tue, Sep, 20 La. Officials Say Several Hundred People Now Getting Life-Saving Treatment Through Medicaid Louisiana health officials point to specific examples of treatment for breast cancer, diabetes and colon cancer screening to highlight Medicaid expansion efforts. In other news, the ACLU sues Colorado for its policy denying some Medicaid enrollees hepatitis C treatment, and insurers sue Pennsylvania... Source: kaiser health news